3 MARCH 2018


Refugees & migrants are being abused and are dying at our door! We can do something about it!

Wake up Europe!

Have you had enough of seeing your fellow human beings dying or being abused at the gates of Europe? We have! And we want to do something about it. We want to let our politicians know that we do not agree with what they are doing and that there must be another way!

On the 3rd of March we are organising a festive gathering outside the Gravensteen castle in Gent Belgium to shout out loud... 





is not normal!

We are all humans.

We are not powerless.

We can always do something!


Sending Europe

a message

Alone your voice may not be heard over the walls of Fortress Europe but when we shout together we can make sure that our message is heard loud and clear!

These are the 3 basic principles that we stand by:

Politicians- Take your heads out of the sand and tackle the refugee crisis and its roots.



Ensure safe routes for refugees & migrants so that no one must die or be abused along the way


Treat refugees in and outside your borders as people, not as criminals

Please Donate

Help us reach our goal of €10,000

What are the funds for?


  • to engage refugees and other volunteers in the organisation and implementaion of our action.

  • to work together with CirQ to make a people's party that nobody will forget!

  • to engage musicians and other 

  • to promote our film online and spread the message further


Every cent helps! And why not ask a friend or family to lend support?! Maybe there are other ways you can help?  We think about baking, organising, playing music, logistic help, etc... Let us know below.

Donations can be made via the button on your right or directly to the GentInSight account below the donation button.


For amounts more than 100 euro, please put your phone number in the subject line for an invite to the afterparty brunch.

Thank you!!!


Beneficiary: GentInSight

IBAN/Account Number: BE46 8915 3425 9236

BIC/Swift Code: VDSPBE22

Bank: VDK Bank

Communication: Your phone number (optional)


The Program



People's party on the Veerleplein begins!


CirQ, Gent's infamous provocateurs have something special in store for you! Come along bring your kids and become a part of the fun.





Storming the Gravensteen!


Three times we are going to "storm" Fortress Gravensteen together and show our politicians that we do not agree with how they are dealing with the refugee crisis and that the people want a different way!!

Get involved

We can't do this alone! On top of financial support there are several ways that you can get engaged. Send us your details and we'll be in touch to let you know how!


We are not into politics, we are not an NGO, we have no hidden agenda. We are people from the streets of Gent and we are sick of seeing people dying at our door.

But we got support from...


The organisers would like to thank eveyone who came through to support, to all the volunteers, to the "kids cavalry" and our brave "infantry", to everyone who donated and everyone who signed on to our three core demands. You guys rock! Now let's spread the message through this video and #wakEUp!

We did it!